Residential and Commercial Real Property Law

​Our attorneys have handled thousands of real estate closings ranging from small vacant residential lots to multimillion-dollar commercial properties. We are approved closing agents for all the local, regional and national lenders conducting business in Southwest Georgia.  Our firm is committed to the tedious attention to detail required in these matters and has invested in the resources to insure that your transaction is closed accurately and on time. In addition to the talents and experiences of the attorneys and staff, the comprehensive historic real estate files of the firm date back over 70 years and cover thousands of tracts of land, large and small, throughout our area, providing a unique and valuable resource to our clients.  We understand whether you are the buyer, seller, real estate agent, or lender that the accuracy and professionalism with which the transaction is handled is a reflection on all of us.

​Probate, Wills, and Estate Law​

Issues of probate, wills, trusts and estate planning affect us all sooner or later. This holds true whether you are a parent planning for the future needs of your newborn child, considering the effects of the recent growth or decline in the value of your asset portfolio, or someone who has accumulated a lifetime of wealth. In addition to the changes in our estate needs we all experience as we age, each year the federal and state laws affecting the legal and tax consequences of passing on your property and protecting your loved ones continue to evolve. We are committed to providing you up to date legal resources to help you navigate this ever changing complex field of law. Whether your needs require a will, trust, guardianship, or comprehensive estate plan, we have the experiences and legal tools you need to protect your family, loved ones, and assets.

Business and Corporate Law

Our attorneys are very adept in handling a variety of matters pertaining to business and corporate law, especially the organization and operation of business entities. In order to sustain the protections of any entity, formalities and procedures must be followed carefully. We understand these formalities, processes, and risks and are committed to finding the best solution for your business.